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Past Events

NIACE Learner Awards
2010 - Cardiff
2009 - Bangor

NIACE Tutor Awards
2010 - Llanelli

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WALN Conference 2011...
We will be hosting a learner involvement conference later on in the year. We will have more information and details about the event here soon.

NIACE Adult Learner Awards 2011
From Brangwyn Hall, SwanseaNIACE DC Adult Learner Awards 2011


Do you have an event coming up?
We would love to hear of any forthcoming learning/educational events in your area.  Email the event details us to and we'll share it with everyone.

Learner Award Winners 2011

Kay Holder - Welsh Learner
Kelly Williams - Community Learner
Rachael Morgan - Basic Skills Learner
Key Connections - Swazi Project, Family & Intergenerational Learning Group
Cheyanne Staley - Workplace Learner
Eirlys Bowler - Further Education Learner
Debra White - Higher Education Learner
Charis Sebastian - Young Learner
Luke Belmont - Young Learner
Richard Zimbler - Distance Learner
Claire Pinch - Vocational Learner
Hafal Group - Shan davies, Shaorn Harris, Susanne Mahoney, Christina Hodges, Community Group
Derek Edwards - Older Learner

Louise Gregory - Older Learner

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