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Learner Involvement

Why Involve Learners?
Consulting with learners is an effective way of improving your learning service

"recognise those aspects of learning that learners identify as being both in their interests and of interest to them. Without this, any system to fund, inspect or manage achievement will be significantly poorer and at risk of failure."

(Turner & Watters, 2001:2)


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Learners are...
• Role models for publicity
• Community-based researchers

Benefits of working with learners...
• Feedback on courses, facilities and    quality of teaching
• To help with "self assessment"
• The quality of the learning programme    is enhanced when learners are    involved.
• Funders and Inspectors demand it (To    help with the preparation for Estyn    Inspections)
• It helps develop new courses
• It identifies new markets
• It helps widen participation
• It improves retention
• It is integral to the process of teaching    and learning


How do you involve learners?.
Providers, we'd love to hear how you consult with your learners. How do you involve your learners, and to what extent are learners involved. Email us.

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