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NIACE Dysgu Cymru...
NIACE was established in 1921 as the British Institute of Adult Education (BIAE). Originally a branch of the World Association of Adult Education (WAAE) it became constitutionally separate in 1925, though still "in association" with the WAAE.

The National Foundation for Adult Education (NFAE) was set up in 1946, as a forum for consultation between the organisations providing adult education In 1949 it merged with the BIAE to become the National Institute of Adult Education (NIAE) - an organisation with both individual and corporate members.

NIAE changed its name in 1983 to the "National Institute of Adult Continuing Education". While this did not involve a change in the organisation's structure or immediate practice, it sought to reflect more accurately an emerging remit beyond the traditional mainstream territories of university extra-mural provision; the agendas of local education authority adult and community education services and the concerns of major voluntary bodies like the WEA.


As the 1980s progressed, NIACE started to contribute more confidently to discourses about the relationship between general education and vocational training and between economic prosperity and social inclusion. NIACE was also building membership among further education colleges and Training and Enterprise Councils whilst retaining its traditional membership base among local authorities and universities.

NIACE Dysgu Cymru (NDC), the Welsh arm of NIACE, conducts work in Wales. The membership of NDC comprises almost all further education institutions, all Local Authorities, most higher education institutions, individuals, Careers Wales, TUC, Ufi and other representatives of a range of organisations.

NDC runs and organises the annual Adult Learners' Week campaign every May, and as part of it, stages the Inspire Adult Learner Awards Ceremony.

Visit NIACE Dysgu Cymru's website: www.niacedc.org.uk

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